Whole Person Health Services

Community 43 is a comprehensive system of care providing support for people living with serious mental illness in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Community 43 will increase individuals’ capacities to manage their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and reach their fullest potential by providing person-centered, recovery-oriented services.


Based on the core principles of peer support, self-empowerment, and functionality within a community setting, Community 43 strives to help members:


• Participate in mainstream employment and educational opportunities

• Find community-based housing

• Join health and wellness activities

• Reduce hospitalizations

• Reduce involvement with the criminal justice system

• Improve social relationships, satisfaction, and quality of life


Community 43 provides psychosocial rehabilitative services to people living with serious mental illness to further their self-empowerment, recovery, health and wellness, and improve their integration into the community.

We assist members with establishing meaningful social roles, including competitive employment. Community 43 provides and sustains a strong social support system for members in a non-institutional environment.

The overall goal is to integrate and assimilate members into the larger community by supporting them to meet their vocational, educational, psychological, and social goals. The program objective is to foster independence for people with serious mental illness to live a self-determined life.


At Community 43, members have the opportunity to engage in meaningful day activities of their choosing, including art, culinary skills, gardening, fitness and wellness and daily operations.

Based on their individual goals and preferences, members select the activities they are most interested in and participate according to a schedule created in concert with Community 43 staff.

Programs are based on assumption that people have individual strengths that can be built on and that meaningful relationships and work are essential; members have the right to choose staff to work with and the kind of work they do.